I wish you all…

… a pleasant good evening from here in the Eastern time zone. When I was a kid, we used to say “good night, hope the bedbugs don’t bite”. I didn’t know bedbugs were real until last year.

Here’s hoping no bedbugs for you. And cool dreams, if you can manage…

“The Life of Pi”

A friend and I watched The Life of Pi, she for the third time, me for the first. What a luminescent film! Gorgeous photography from beginning to end, with superb performances by humans and beasts. It’s one of those movies that serve as a springboard for meaning.

I think it’s about the power of stories… long stories in the middle of the night, in the dark of the cinema. Pi’s three religions come to him via stories, and in the end Pi asks the novelist which story of the castaway Pi he believes. The novelist chooses the long story, of course, the one with a tiger.

The best stories have the equivalent of a tiger–an implacable, malevolent, brute force, often unseen but always felt. The story of Christ comes to mind, with the Pharisees and the Romans hovering in the background, waiting. Twelve-Step people share their stories of struggle against addiction. Homer’s Odyssey is one long campfire tale.

Anyway. Good movie. May all our tigers be tamed one day.



… The ineffable pleasure of finishing work for the day…

… The inward serenity of seeing your cat ignore your furniture…

… The quiet joy of seeing the same cat use the litter box correctly…

On photographing small things

My hobby is photography, which is also my muse. I have photographed all sorts of very large things, such as the Grand Canyon, but my heart is with the small things–the objects that people usually do not notice.

A good example is the crepe myrtle tree, the post under this one. People walk by them all the time without a second look. What a shame they are so busy to get somewhere.

The world is made of details, after all. Objects, often discarded, that have their own character. I have the sort of imagination that assigns feelings to inanimate things. A discarded screwdriver, for example, feels useless without a hand to guide it. A left-behind book with a tattered cover emits a cry of desperation.

A barkless section of a crepe myrtle expresses… well, you tell me. After all, art is incomplete without a thinking observer.

Not now, I have a headache

Funny, this blog has been a dream of mine for a while, but when I set aside some time to write, I find I have a sinus headache. I haven’t had any caffeine all day–a friend of mine once said withdrawing from coffee gave him a headache. Well there are two courses of action available: caffeine or no caffeine. There is a Coke machine in my building, my mind whispers. Just downstairs. Temptation is always nearby.

The word temptation is derived from a Latin word meaning testing. I did pretty well on my tests in school, but these life tests are a different matter. I don’t like the idea of being tested–am I not enough as I am?

In case you haven’t noticed, I am writing this blog off the top of my head. The job of making sense I leave to others, mostly.

A few starting thoughts

Citizens of the Cybersphere, greetings! Okay, too pretentious… Hello, all. That’s better.

Welcome to my blog. I am glad you found me. Out of all the word blogs in the world, this one is the most like me.