Not now, I have a headache

Funny, this blog has been a dream of mine for a while, but when I set aside some time to write, I find I have a sinus headache. I haven’t had any caffeine all day–a friend of mine once said withdrawing from coffee gave him a headache. Well there are two courses of action available: caffeine or no caffeine. There is a Coke machine in my building, my mind whispers. Just downstairs. Temptation is always nearby.

The word temptation is derived from a Latin word meaning testing. I did pretty well on my tests in school, but these life tests are a different matter. I don’t like the idea of being tested–am I not enough as I am?

In case you haven’t noticed, I am writing this blog off the top of my head. The job of making sense I leave to others, mostly.


One thought on “Not now, I have a headache

  1. Why do things always have to make sense. Nothing wrong with writing, what comes in mind. You might be surprised how many people will relate to what you think and write.

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