On photographing small things

My hobby is photography, which is also my muse. I have photographed all sorts of very large things, such as the Grand Canyon, but my heart is with the small things–the objects that people usually do not notice.

A good example is the crepe myrtle tree, the post under this one. People walk by them all the time without a second look. What a shame they are so busy to get somewhere.

The world is made of details, after all. Objects, often discarded, that have their own character. I have the sort of imagination that assigns feelings to inanimate things. A discarded screwdriver, for example, feels useless without a hand to guide it. A left-behind book with a tattered cover emits a cry of desperation.

A barkless section of a crepe myrtle expresses… well, you tell me. After all, art is incomplete without a thinking observer.


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