“The Life of Pi”

A friend and I watched The Life of Pi, she for the third time, me for the first. What a luminescent film! Gorgeous photography from beginning to end, with superb performances by humans and beasts. It’s one of those movies that serve as a springboard for meaning.

I think it’s about the power of stories… long stories in the middle of the night, in the dark of the cinema. Pi’s three religions come to him via stories, and in the end Pi asks the novelist which story of the castaway Pi he believes. The novelist chooses the long story, of course, the one with a tiger.

The best stories have the equivalent of a tiger–an implacable, malevolent, brute force, often unseen but always felt. The story of Christ comes to mind, with the Pharisees and the Romans hovering in the background, waiting. Twelve-Step people share their stories of struggle against addiction. Homer’s Odyssey is one long campfire tale.

Anyway. Good movie. May all our tigers be tamed one day.



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