The inevitable post…

I am contractually obligated to write about my cat. It’s not in the WordPress terms and conditions, but since I am a cat person par excellence, I have no choice.

I have had four cats in succession for thirty-odd years: Pandora, Elmer, Callum, and now Kai. If you like any of their names, I can take no credit. Other people have named all my cats.

I kept trying out names for Pandora, and failing, until a friend looked at her litter box and said, “There’s Pandora’s box, and that must be Pandora”. So she was christened. She didn’t seem to mind her name’s origin.

Elmer was so named because he had black and white spots like a cow’s. Borden dairy products had a female cow named Elsie on their packages, and Elsie had a “husband” named Elmer.

Callum was named by a foster parent at the shelter where he found me. He reminded the woman of a character in a novel. (Which novel she didn’t recall.) He had a very sweet temperament.

I don’t know how my current cat Kai got her name. Maybe she was named after Kai Ryssdal, the Marketplace host. She is a sprightly cat, ever finding new ways to get revved up about something. Like all cats, food revs her up the most. She is not too old to chase her tail.

And you: please regale me with cat tales! (Pun not intended, but accepted.)


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