My other blog

My other blog is called Shutterchance. It’s based in the UK, and I have been a member about six years. Here’s the URL:

As the name suggests, we are devoted photographers. We are British, Dutch, Canadian, South African, French, and American. Most of us have sophisticated digital SLRs, but we let in cheap souls like me who use point-and-shoot cameras. Anyway, in photography the most important instrument is the discerning eye, without which even a Hasselblad produces junk.

We’re a congenial bunch; we even have a married couple who met in our galleries. We appreciate good photography and each other.

In this sharply critical world, there’s a lot to be said for appreciation. Drop on by and enjoy the pics. Click on the word “random” on our pages and you can start meeting us.


2 thoughts on “My other blog

  1. Larry… I think this is one of the best photography sites around, because they reflect upon those truly wanting to express their individuality. Your work is enlightening and I hope others will take advantage of this art form.

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