The search engines might like me…

…if I put The Next Small Thing in my opening sentence, like so. Well, maybe not; I am not a search engine scholar.

Tonight I am a neophyte pie-heater. A dear friend brought me an eight-inch cherry pie because I was having a stressful day. She’s good for that.

So I was waiting for the oven to preheat to 300.  (Notice how I know the jargon–preheat.) It took what I considered a long time. Understand that I am used to a gas stove that heats things on top fast and prettily. (Loves the blue flames.) So I was essentially re-enacting the watched-pot scenario.

Finally the little red light went off, indicating arrival at 300. My cherry pie is being baked, or roasted–I don’t know all the jargon. With any luck, I will be able to enjoy some tonight. I may have to stay up late, but I am willing to do this in the interest of culinary science.

Bon appetit!


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