They might be…

I am not what you would call plugged into to the current music scene. If it happened after the Eighties I am pretty much clueless, except for following U2 all these years.

But there is another band that has hung in there, producing fresh new stuff regardless of their position in the marketplace. A band that has written more clever and smarter lyrics than many stadium-rockers.

Of course, I refer to They Might Be Giants.

Now a combo, They Might Be Giants began as a duo of two guys named John: Flansburgh and Linnell, who played guitar and accordion, respectively.

Let titles tell the story: You’re on Fire, Cage and Aquarium, Where Your Eyes Don’t Go, The Statue Got Me High, Particle Man, Birdhouse in Your Soul. Search for them on Youtube or find hipper friends. Not a dull tune in the bunch.

The new album is called Nanobots. They have 15 other albums, one of which, Flood, is arguably their best. You have your instructions.

Later I’ll bang on your heads with Simple Minds…


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