“Simple pleasures are the best”

Watching my cat chase her tail, in the standing position and the rolling position.

Looking out my big, bright windows into my tree-lined courtyard.

Writing what I want to.

Being in a classroom discussion led by a really good teacher.

Watching old sci-fi movies and making fun of them.

Seeing the flag wave.

Tuning in rocket launches on YouTube.

Reading a funny comment on Facebook.

Taking a photograph.

Retelling a funny family story.

Writing this.


3 thoughts on ““Simple pleasures are the best”

  1. It is good to know that there are some people that still can enjoy the simple things of life. How many don’t even know what that is. Ginnie and I always love, at the end of the day, sit on the couch very close together, watch a movie and have a cup of coffee and one cookie. On early shifts, we have dinner ALWAYS with candle light, even in summer……. that are some of our simple pleasures.

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