You know what a “spose-ta” is, right? You’ve heard them all your life. As in, “I’m spose-ta wash the dishes.” Or: “You’re spose-ta clean up your room.” Spose-ta’s often involve doing household chores, it seems.

Now, some spose-ta’s are good for society. “You’re spose-ta obey the law.” “You’re not spose-ta play with fire.”

Too often, though, spose-ta’s are needlessly damaging. I have spent years getting out from under such spose-ta’s as:

–be rich

–be cool

–be anger-free

Well. I am pretty sure it’s too late for me to be rich. Being cool means being not so hot. Being anger-free is a denial of human nature.

Dear readers: what is your least favorite spose-ta?


3 thoughts on “Spose-ta

  1. It would be mean to imagine there was a spose-ta regarding writing a comment!

    Sometimes I wonder, from the boundless energy and commitment others exhibit, if one’s spose-ta feel motivated each day. But then motivation was your previous topic! (And I’m a bit worried about the concept of losing one’s license as a human being. I mean, if you’re unlicensed, how do you live? In a sty?)

    Perhaps one of my pet hates, when I switch on to watch something, is that I’m spose-ta watch those commercials.

  2. I think it’s easy to confuse motivation and enthusiasm, I am motivated in quiet ways, based on my inner needs. It’s part, I think, of being an introvert–drawing energy from inside. Ah well. It keeps me from living in a sty.

  3. Being rich is so simple, I am ashamed that I did not get there. Yet.
    Save 10% of your take home pay. Put it into an indexed mutual fund and forget about it. In 20 years, you will be rich. Won’t have to worry about money. Like Forest Gump said, “that’s one less thing.”

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