Where I would go on vacation…

If I had oodles of money (an oodle is close to a bazillion) I would first travel west, to the Painted Desert of Utah and Arizona. I went there in ’99 and was transformed by the beauty of the landscape and that big sky. The distances involved amazed me. I am used to North Carolina, where there’s always another locality just around the bend. I would pack a new Nikon DSLR and have a fine old time with it.

Then I would head east to Scotland, rent a car, and drive around on the wrong side of the road. I have been there before, and still remember the quiet-but-astonishing gorgeousness of the glens. I would drink in the thinner, purer air (at least purer outside the cities).

Then with more of my oodles I would rent a seat on Richard Branson’s suborbital spaceships. I have a feeling there is a long reservation list for it. I would be torn between floating around and staying put long enough to take pictures.

Ooh, I have oodles left over! Time to travel south to Cape Canaveral, where I could see the Space Shuttle and watch rockets launch.

And then, home. To rest, and edit my pictures. And give away a few oodles to friends…


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