Back from vacation… (2013)

I had the company of three congenial adults last week, as I took  my first out of town trip in two years. We went to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, one of our famous barrier islands.

Rather than the crashing tumult of the Atlantic, our cottage faced the Bogue Sound, a calmer body of water. This led to a tranquil mood among the four of us. My navy veteran father spent seeming hours behind his binoculars, examining sailboats, power boats, egrets, and seagulls.

The other three of us (two brothers and a female friend) also looked to varying degrees. We saved much of our energy for card-playing (Uno and Skip-Bo) and watching DVD’s For the latter, the connection of our TV, the cable system, and the DVD was so complex and so poorly mapped we had to call maintenance to explain it to us.

Really, the best entertainment was the cards. Dad likes to dramatize his shifting fortunes with extravagant gestures and proclamations. He also gave us two impromptu concerts of folk favorites on the guitar, achieving an impressive result despite his protestations of lack of practice.

More adventures of the family Bliss to follow…


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