I Can’t Stand Donald Trump. Here’s Why.

Smug. He exudes arrogance from his very pores. He has delusions of entitlement to wealth and power.

Thin-skinned. He is constitutionally incapable of letting a critical remark slide. He belittles anyone who dares to disagree with him. The leader of a huge nation cannot afford ultra-sensitivity to the opposition.

Never has he acknowledged that he lost the popular vote. Bush 43 had the grace to make a few conciliatory gestures. Bush 43 looks better all the time. So does Warren G. Harding.

Reality TV. He owes his presidency to a long-running tele-circus that starred his immense ego. Historians will not be kind to NBC.

He thrives on fear. When he announced for the presidency, virtually the first words out of his mouth were, build a wall. Nativism has a long and ugly history, and he exploited it from the get-go.

No empathy. He simply does not understand that anyone outside himself suffers. Say what you will about Barack—you at least got the impression that he cared about other people.

Godless. He has made photo ops at church (he has to) but his attitudes and actions show no sign of a working belief in a Higher Power. He deifies himself.

Amoral. His behavior toward women, and his indifference to the #MeToo movement, demonstrate the lack of a moral compass.

Makes it up as he goes along. There is no guiding principle behind his foreign policy, other than a peculiar love for strongmen. W at least had a doctrine.

No awareness of history. This is a serious shortcoming. Successful presidents have a humbling recognition of the immense cultural forces that have guided our path. Successful presidents learn from history exactly how much is beyond their control.

Doesn’t read. An even more problematic deficit. Reading strengthens the intellect and opens the mind to alternate perspectives.

He will probably win in 2020.


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Donald Trump. Here’s Why.

  1. It is quite funny to me that people pick a president on personality rather then accomplishment. I think I need to listen to the song “feelings” lol
    On the other hand, we can have a rather handsome man in a 500 dollar suit sitting in the White House behind the White House desk and doing absolutely nothing but speaking TelePrompter words. Choose your poison!
    I will slowly get read your blog…and maybe, just maybe, you can read mine..:)

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