I decry the state of politics in America.

When I grew up, Democrats and Republicans got along, had barbecues together, babysat each other’s children, and took dinners to the grieving. We are losing this precious amity.

I blame Donald Trump. From the moment he announced his candidacy, he has sowed discord in our vulnerable democracy. He has repeatedly inflamed the prejudices of the fearful. He has the audacity to think he is qualified for leadership of the Western world, simply because his delusions of grandeur tell him so. He has degraded the decency and civility that once marked our discourse.

I blame the Republican party, who shook hands with the devil in their thirst for power, and have for years trampled on the rights of the less-powerful. I blame the alleged Christians who have surrendered God’s mandate for justice on the altar of expediency. I blame an educational system that has failed to instill critical thinking that would enable voters to see through Trump’s lies. I blame the news media, which panders to an appetite for sensationalism and outrage. I blame the latent racism and nativism that propelled Trump to victory. Frankly I blame his supporters for setting aside their better angels.

I blame them all. It will be hard to forgive them, even though I am commanded to.


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