Bam, Bam, Bam

I have been critical of the Right lately. It’s time I dished it to the Left.

Sometimes we liberals don’t know when enough is enough. Three cases in point:

The New York Times. I have read their excellent reportage through the moon landings, Watergate, 911, and a host of other epochal events. As far as I am concerned, the Times sets the gold standard for journalism. Who knows how many of my favorite books have come from the Times staff. From Russell Baker and William Safire onward, their columnists have unfailingly enlightened and entertained.

But now it’s too much. Too many op-eds with overlapping critiques of Trump. Two or three a day, it seems. Look I know the Times and Trump have a long history, but jeez Louise, show some sense of proportion.

The New Yorker. Our family was raised on their cartoons. Again, the gold standard. I devoured their tiny-type film reviews and I admire the brilliance of their cover artists. I bought my brother a gift subscription. Ain’t cheap, but it’s money well spent. Their coverage of the arts is unmatched.

But again, dial it back a notch. I get their email digests. Hand to God, every one of them leads off with a blast at Trump. Radical thought: on some days, there is important non-Trump-related news. Cover it.

Stephen Colbert. I used to follow him on YouTube. There hasn’t been a satirist with his chops in far too long.

Then, the election. Now it’s Trump, Trump, Trump every night, week after week. He has some of the best comedy writers in the business, and there is plenty of fodder for satire out there. You wouldn’t know it from watching.

Bam, bam, bam. Over and over and over. Look, I understand the animus toward the president. Have dosed out some myself. But, enough. This constant din converts no one and only strengthens the Right’s claim of leftie media bias.

Hey, it’s a free country. I revere the First Amendment. But folks, just take it a bit easier.



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