Gratitude x 10

Today is my 59th birthday, one day before Thanksgiving. I believe in the spiritual principle of gratitude, so here goes…

I am grateful for…

1. My clean and serene (well serene is optional some days) time, without which any gratitudes would be hollow.

2. A nice apartment within my budget.

3. A live and beating heart. (Long may it wave!)

4. My freedom.

5. My extended family (Dad, brother, and Sis)

6. My friends on Facebook and Shutterchance.

7. My bundle of cat love, Miss Kai.

8. My writing ability.

9. My recently completed cooking class that slowly unfolds new horizons beyond store-bought (and slightly radioactive) mac and cheese.

10. My small-but-powerful church.

I challenge all who read this to make their own gratitude list. Odds are you will feel better. Enjoy your turkey/terducken/tofu Day!


In praise of my cat…

This is not the web’s most original topic, but since this is my blog…

I chose Kai, my cat, from her picture on the Internet. She was living at the ASPCA shelter. It’s not the first time a pretty face has swayed me. She is a lovely creature: a mix of grey tabby with brown highlights.

Right now she is sleeping in my half-full laundry basket. Cat persons don’t mind a little fur on their clothing. My brother’s cat loves to sleep on piles of clothing straight from the dryer. He puts out the warm clothes on the living room carpet for easy access.

Kai is a furry adventurer. Her goal is to get inside every space normally closed off. The sound of the door opening under the bathroom sink brings her running. Race car drivers should have such reflexes.

Another target of opportunity is my feet when they stick out of the covers. At any second, blam, the claws. Ditto for loose pens, shoelaces, and bits of shiny paper.

Lately she has perfected the art of chasing her tail. Not content with the traditional dance of the tail, which resembles a top, she lies on her side, swishes the tail, and lunges for it. This oscillation can carry her across the floor in nothing flat. I ought to put a crank on her, attach it to a generator, and provide my own electricity.

Kai is skilled in the feline arts of affection: mock bites and licks on my finger. Sometimes she licks me for several minutes, until she gets a better offer from her tail.

But she’s no angel. She spurned my carpeted cat stool in favor of shredding my futon. I have a role of black duck tape that I need to put to good use.

Still, I forgive her many sins. She’s my one-and-only shelter kitty and, without getting sappy, I am not quite sure what I would do without her.


Motivation, moi?

I smile when I think of myself as a motivated person. Images come to mind of excited, dynamic speakers who have a carefully calibrated message.

I’d rather keep it simple and personal: if I want something, I have to do something to get it. This often involves praying for it first. (I believe in a giving God, but I still have to do the footwork.)

If I want the rewards of having a job, I have to work to specification. If I want the rewards of having a cat, I have to feed and clean up after her. I have to keep my motivational thinking at a simple level, because I can complicate the hell out of anything. This generally involves the negative what-if game: what if I fail miserably, endure public embarrassment, and have my human being license revoked?

As you can see, my negativity has a good imagination. Maybe I should develop as active an imagination for my positivity.

What a concept!

What I am grateful for

To lift my mood I make gratitude lists, like so:

1.  I am alive and mostly sane.

2. I am clean.

3. My cat did her tail-flips again.

4. I went outside this morning and it was actually chilly.

5. The shadows are growing longer. Elongated shadows make you look slim.

6. I feel a little freer than I did earlier in the week.

7. I had a little Dr. Pepper left over from yesterday. Dr. Pepper is my liquid vice.

8. My computer still works. (It is getting sluggish, though.)

9. I have money in the bank and food in the larder.