Simple Pleasures Are the Best

A random list of some of the not-so-dramatic things I enjoy:

1. Stroking my cat.

2. Praying as I walk.

3. Pop-Tarts

4. Delaying my get-up time because the bed is cozy.

5. Playing Skip-Bo with my friends.

6. Taking pictures of rotting leaves and peeling paint.

7. Writing in my blog.

8. Putting on the headphones and listening to Marshall Crenshaw. (Haven’t heard of him? Check YouTube.)

9. Jaye’s cat Prince who sits in my lap.

10. 1950s monster movies.

11. Driving. (Okay, so maybe that’s a complex pleasure. So sue me.)


Little facts of no consequence

1. Some truck drivers miss the little signs that tell you how much clearance you have (or don’t) under a bridge. There’s a YouTube video that I guiltily find funny.

2. My cat likes to jump to and run on the counter when I am unloading her food into the bowl. She doesn’t try to eat on the counter but drops to the floor, where I have placed her bowl. This is her way of having fun.

3. I know where Syria is on the map and I can spell it, too.

4. That same cat is sleeping in my nearly-empty laundry basket. Too cute!

5. I was in fourth grade when our gym teacher lined us up at the foul line and told us to make a free throw. Not being athletic, I figured I would fail at this as I did at other games. Instead, on my first try, the ball went perfectly into the hoop. The other boys, who teased me regularly, were dumbfounded. As was I. Sadly, it was the only shot I made all day. I guess you could call this peaking too early.

6. My first kiss lasted 45 minutes.

7. I don’t care how many people like them, I can’t stand mushrooms. Or oysters. Squid is borderline tolerable.